Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Yay, I have my book

12/18/06: Hi folks coming over from Retrocrush. To buy the book, click the donate button in the right column. Joe Beggar (that's me) will need $10 + $2 to cover Shipping and you'll get your smut, er, I mean literature. And just because he gave in and hyped my book doesn't mean you can't still be part of my "Annoy Robert" campaign. CLICK HERE to see what I mean.

Yeah. I got my books. See, that's me, with my books. I got 100 of the little suckers. You got none. Let's even things up a bit.

If you live in Sacramento please go buy a copy from The Book Collector on 24th Street between J and K Streets. They're great folks and they do a-lot to support local writers.

You can also pick up a copy at Body Tribe Fitness on 21st Street or at The Crest Theatre on K Street.

You can also get the book by paypaling me $12 (includes $2 shipping). Just hit the donate button on the right to get me the dough.

I was on the radio and I read a piece from the book. To listen to that click here. Runnergirl over at SacRag.com heard the interview, and said nice things. Thanks Runnergirl. Click here to read those nice things.


Rafael said...

You should post the exact time when they actually talk about your book, one can only take so much talk about frickin light rails, you know?

Cary said...

Anyone who just wants to hear only the Keith Lowell Jensen part should just pull the little play bar over slightly more than halfway and you'll hit the KLJ part. Much funnier and more entertaining than the light rail stuff. Good interview, Keith!

beckyjsacto said...

I picked up two copies earlier at the place on 24th Street, just as they were printing up the little table-top display to promote it.

Becky (RunnerGirl)