Sunday, December 17, 2006

Call Robert Berry for Me

Robert Berry of is the devil. See the picture, that's proof. He is the devil.
He promised to hype my book, after making me do naughty things involving caramel corn and an arc welder. But he's being awful slow about making anything happen, and I'm all out of pop corn.
SO, call this number

It's the hotline # for his podcast. Leave him messages urging him to help old Keith Lowell Jensen to make some money. Tell him I've been eating out of your garbage, pimpin' your Barbies and otherwise behaving badly as only one POOR ass bastard can. Beg him to hype my book so I can quite being so annoyingly poor.
If we're clever and entertaining enough maybe he'll use it on his next uber-popular popcast. If not, well let's at least annoy the hell out of the creep.

UPDATE: It would seem to be working. I'm on the front page of But keep calling. I'm hoping for your calls to be featured in a podcast.

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