Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My book on Sac Bee's To Do list

The to-do list
By Rachel Leibrock - Bee Staff Writer
Story appeared on 12/26/06 in SCENE section, Page E3

Local comedian-blogger-author Keith Lowell Jensen has self-published a book of short stories, prose and poems.
Sacramento Bee file, 2004/Florence Low

Holy moly: The holidays are winding down, but it's not too late to indulge in local comedian- author-blogger Keith Lowell Jensen's new book, "Oh Holy Day and Other Stories." This self-published tome is a 50-page collection of short stories, prose and poems. Don't pick it up expecting some "It's a Wonderful Life"-style warm-and-fuzzies, however. Jensen's known for his skewed take on reality and an off-kilter, dipped-in-acid sense of humor -- and, frankly, most of the works here are neither holy nor holiday-esque. The $10 book is available locally at the Book Collector, Body Tribe Fitness and the Crest Theatre. For more information:

If you'd like to buy my book, use the donate button (in the right column of this page) to send me $12 bucks, which includes a $2 charge for shipping. Thanks, KLJ


anjacara said...

I was in Folsom CA visiting my grandparents the first week of Dec. I had thought about dropping you a note before leaving to see if anything you had written would be out anywhere. Besides that the eye thingy had started and I was not to cool with driving anywhere.When I got there I was without the net for a 8 days. Weird and wonderful all at the same time. Oh well next trip

It had been awhile since I had been there, and I had forgotten how pretty the foothills are. Next time I will demand time away from the grandparents and check out the town.
Good luck with all your writing.

stupid word verification....I am going to have to ask my 88 year old grandmother to come in here and tell me what the hell the letters are. AGHGAHGHAGAH!

anjacara said...

cool I used the handicap button for the word verification!
wait is that cool?

Keith Lowell Jensen said...

Oh yeah, give me a call next time. We can grab a cup of coffee. I'll buy, providing I'm able to panhandle enough from you to cover it.

And yes, using the handicap word verification is cool, very cool. That's what it's there for.