Friday, December 22, 2006

Sorry about the boobs...

Xuxa, yes, it's a kid's show! ! !
People innocently searching for images of Santa are being forced to look at my boobs.

I have a picture of a topless woman on my porn article. In my archives it ends up on the same page as some Santa mentions, and now, well meaning folks who just want a pic of jolly St. Nick for their Holiday bloggin' are not being able to resist the temptation that is these boobies. My hit counter is lighting up with hits from google image searches for Santa.

The funniest though is the person who searched for "Xuxa porno please". I think its absolutely adorable that this guy (or gal) thought to say please when seeking out pics or video or maybe just graphic descriptions of the most lovely of South American Kid's Show hosts gettin' down and dirty for the cameras. I'm a little ticked that they didn't send me a Thank You after reading my bit about Xuxa. True I don't have any porno of her, but I do carry a couple of cute pics. Regardless, polite googler, wherever you are, You're Welcome!

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gEEK said...

That's definately different.