Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Hear me on NPR UPDATE

Today, Tuesday, I'll be on KXJZ's show, Insight with Jeffrey Callison promoting my book. For more information click here.
And if you want the book by Christmas buy now. We're getting down to the wire for Christmas delivery. Click here to order.


Anonymous said...

The much promised scantily-clad-women are no where in evidence. I've been reading this blog for over a year now and want to know, where do you hide these scantily-clad-women? The lack of scantily-clad-women is disappointing, but it was really neato to hear you on the radio. I also really like to type the phrase scantily-clad-women, that can just be a little secret.

KLJ said...

Thanks for listening to it.
Yeah, I think we may defined scantily clad differently than this particular radio host.
But you're saying scantily clad women in your comment and me saying it here will help the web hits. YAY.