Thursday, December 21, 2006

Another agent lookin' at my book

Well, I applied for another rejection slip yesterday. Not that I'm really that pesimistic. I'm working to keep myself from getting too invested in each agent I submit too. The method here is to start at the top with the big shot agents I have very little chance at getting and work my way down. This agent is higher up the ladder than the last one I submitted to. I sent her my querry letter and I guess it grabbed her interest as she requested to see more within thirty minutes of getting it. So, I sent her my excerpts and the book itself via e-mail.
She's on holiday until after the New Year so my hope is that she got my material on time and is taking it home with her. Wish me luck.

What are these agents like anyway? Are they like agent Smith in The Matrix? Or more like Agent 99 from Get Smart? I would like a combination. A whole gang of Agent 99s that would attack me...WITH KISSES! .... um I'd better go now.

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