Thursday, August 10, 2006


Okay, threads I seem to have forgotten...

No Petrol
I haven't gone 100% like planned. When my stomach acts up I need to use the car. I might need an electric scooter to do this. That's my dream scooter on the left.It's and E-Max Classic. I hope to get one soon as I start classes at Sac City and getting from work to there without burning petrol will be a challenge otherwise. I am walking to work and back everyday and barely using the car at all.

Got it! Today. Like 20 minutes ago. YES! Watch for new videos soon. Woo Hoo!

Sea Monkeys
They're doing great. I got about six of 'em in my tank at work. No fighting or makin' babies though. It seems like they should be doin' it by now.

Skateboarding/Breaking bones

Still skating. Haven't broken anything in sometime, but the new concrete parks are opening soon and I'm sure I'll crack my skull open soon.

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