Saturday, August 26, 2006


I added a new video to my video page. Enjoy. This from a show we (ICBINC) did at The Crest Theatre.

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Prancer played by Emily Yay.


Jackson Griffith said...

Weirdly, I found this blog from a link at Ouchy the Clown's site, which was linked to a music biz-wannabe bulletin board (The Velvet Rope) I was looking at. Aren't the Internets wonderful?

Any chance we can see an I Can't Believe It's Not Live Porno show at the Crest sometime soon? I might even show up for that.

KLJ said...

Ah Ouchie. He's a friend of mine. Great guy, if only he'd put that whip down.
The I Can't Beleive It's Not Live Porno show eh? Would you star in it? With Ouchie?