Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Lots of hits today from Cockeyed.com, as Rob thanks me, for nothing, as in, "Thanks for nothing!" at the end of his new paparazi stunt/prank.

This is really snooty of him. You see, I DID participate in the prank, but as a Mennonite I don't believe in taking photographs for fear of stealing Rob and Stacy's souls, quite thoughtful of me I'd say (though it might actually be that I don't want to create craven images, I don't remember.)

So, I watched them walk around the mall and then I created the picture at left, which you can see is clearly them shopping. I created it by lovingly typing certain carefully chosen words into google images and very gently selecting just the right picture.

I did not include their daughter June, as I don't believe children belong on the internet.
So thanks, for NOTHING Rob Cocky-Ham.

(and hey, Cockeyed fans, wouldn't you like to leave a nice cold glass of comments about now. Mmmmm mmmmm, I know I would.)
Also, you can check out my latest blog, All My Kisses HERE.


Supergork said...

Enjoy the nice cold glass of comments!

Anonymous said...

Artfully done Jensen! How dare you work on your own comedy instead of being drawn into my schemes!

Headline Blankets said...

Hey! I drank a lot of wine! Also, I love you. Go you. Fuck Rob. Unless Rob reads this, in which case, I really enjoy Cockeyed and you should keep up the good work, buddy!

KLJ said...

Thanks all.
And hey Cowman, it's been a while. Welcome back.