Thursday, August 31, 2006

House Centipede

I've got a new little beastie on my desk next to my Sea Monkeys. A guy I work with brought this little fella in in a ziplock bag. It's a House Centipede and very cool me thinks.
I'm going to see if my Friend Jonathan wants to make a pet of him. Jonathan has many arachnids for pets and this guy (not an arachnid but related) will fit right in.

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Julia said...

I have one living in my house.. At first I was scared thinking a brown recluse or something. When I saw it's little eyes and feelers. I wasn't really scared. I think it's wild that they live so long. Over 6 years. I see the little dude periodically. It runs into my living room under the foot stool. It always seems to go to the same place. It only comes out with me by myself. I kinda like the little thing.