Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Publish My Book?

This is my querry letter. Know any publishers?

I am seeking a publisher for my memoir, Work Ethic? Complete at 113,500 words.

Work Ethic?, a collection of vignettes that combine to form a novel, is based on my own adventures seeking identity and employment in the American job market, being hired and fired (sometimes I quit) from over 30 jobs before my 30th birthday.

While on the clock, and in the pages of Work Ethic? I have, on separate occasions;

• Had a SWAT Team aim guns at my head. (Theatre Manager)
• Been arrested for bringing a gun into an international airport. (Flyer Distribution)
• Done dishes with a rock star. (CafĂ© Dishwasher)
• Been punched in the face by my boss. (Bus Boy)
• Punched a subordinate in the face. (Film Festival Promoter)
• Called for the internment of all Arab American's on a nationally syndicated "angry white guy with a goatee" type radio show. (There was a context to this.)

Work Ethic will appeal to fans of Michelle Tea, Beth Lisick, Dave Eggers, and David Sedaris. The book is told with a sense of humor but often explores the dark and even the mundane moments that one comes across while seeking enlightenment and employment.

Work Ethic existed first as a blog, written almost entirely while on the clock. The blog has been immensely popular drawing up to 85,000 views per month.

I dropped out of high school at age 17, when I was hitchhiking and caught not only a ride but also an offer of employment as a video tech. In addition to working too many jobs I’ve made a name for myself as a comedian, freelance writer and weird uncle.

My interview credits include Bob Newhart, Ryan Styles, Neil Hamburger, Gift of Gab, and my hero The Unknown Comic. In five years of professional writing I’ve covered mixed martial arts fighting, music, book and art reviews, comedy and technology. Please publish my book. I want to quit my job.


Lefty said...

Cool! You've interviewed Bob Newhart? Was it a phone interview? Seems to me that'd be the way to do it.

Keith Lowell Jensen said...

I went through and made most of the interview references into links so you can check out the interviews.

And yes, I sure did interview him on phone. I pictured him onstage, holding the phone to his ear.

He was an awesome interview. That's cool that you know about his phone gags. SO many people don't even know that he did stand up.