Sunday, August 13, 2006


Brent Weinbach was amazing. Performing with him and Tapan Trivedi the last two nights was a blast. We had a great turnout. Unfortunately the video we shot will be fairly useless. A mic shorted out, Tapan's camer, which would have been our second, wasn't there. He left it at another comedian friend of our's house and that comedian is in Japan entertaining the troops. Oh well. It'll be nice to have the video just to analyze and improve my material.
I was really nervous the first night, but night two I was loose and did much better. In fact I could have stayed on stage a lot longer than I did. I did my homophobia routine and my atheist routine. The atheist bits went over especially well.
Thanks to everyone who came to the show and a huge thanks to The Geery Theatre and Evan Nossoff at for hosting us. Great times.
I feel like I want to do more spoken word type stuff now. Get myself out there as a writer so I can get my book published.


Eve Imagine said...

Hey Keith,
You're making me see why Paul and I suck so much! I guess I'm just now starting to have time to really surf around and you are the master of websites. I have lots to learn, but Paul is the one who really needs to get on it!

Thanks for posting about RAR 5 and thanks for coming! You rule. Let's keep in touch. Wanna read my book?

Anonymous said...

Hey Keith! Katie Rubin here. I tried to email this to the email addy you gave me, but it bounced back saying that address had been cancelled or something.. Anyhoo-

It was GREAT to meet you this weekend, and I really enjoyed the show. I have to say, Brent rocked the proverbial
Casbah. So, nice choice there.

Anyhoo- I would love to talk about working on your solo show material to see what is there and how we can mold it into something that you feel really good about puting up in front of people. There are a few ways we can go. I will read some of your stuff online. Then we can meet once or several times, in a number of different ways if you're still interested.

I'll be psyched to have you come see my show either next weekend or the following so you can get a better sense of what I do and how you feel about it. In the mean time, if you get a chance to check out any of these guys, they'd all be useful to you: John Leguizamo's Freak, Will Franken's Good Luck With It, any of Josh Kornbluth's stuff, or Mark Lundholm's Addicted, A Comedy of Substance.

Again, great to meet you, great show, and I hope to hear from you again!
Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

p.s. my email is

KLJ said...

Thanks Eve,
WE should get you a blog and get your writing out there. Screw the agents and publishers bring it right to the people. (Any agents or publishers reading this, I'm totally kidding. I love you.)

And Katie,
I will see you tomorrow or next week, depending on my colon. I know, most people would make up some less yicky excuse, but screw it, I gots a bleeding colon, if it aint good for makng excuses what the hells it going to be good for?
But I did send you an e-mail, and I look forward to looking at the possibillity of doing a one man show with a cast of 50.