Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I can use you're help

I need to pick three of four, maybe even five chapters of my book to submit to agents who want a better look after reading my querry letter. You can find a list of and links to all the chapters here, keeping in mind, this is the messy, hammered out, stream of conciousness version and the agent will get a much cleaned up version.
So, what are you favorite chapters?


Rob Cockerham said...

Keith, I gave this a solid seven minutes of thought.
My favorites were:

Radio Stooge
Vancouver all alone
Parking Lot Janitor
The Fish Company

Radio stooge is in there because it was neat to find out the real story behind those crazies that call the radio station. The others are great stories and great writing.

Keith Lowell Jensen said...

Awesome. Thanks Rob.
I appreciate it.
And hell, if any of you are better at negativity, go ahead and tell me what chapter you DON'T like!