Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Democratic Candidates in Pinching Scandal

The democratic candidates are pinching themselves as the November elections draw near. They feel they must be dreaming as the Grand Old Party does everything it can to hand them the two houses.

Bush will not keep quiet about Iraq even comparing it to the 'Nam. Several Republican senators were trampled in the mad dash to put distance between themselves and their president. Democratic Senators sustained injuries as well mostly in the form of sprained shoulders as they repeatadly motioned the international fist pumping gesture for "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Things weren't good enough for the Dems so Republican mouth piece Rush Limbaugh decided to bake them a cake and then pop out of it. The pain killer addicted but otherwise healthy radio personality accused Michael J. Fox of faking it. He insisted that Fox was exagerating his Parkinsons in ads asking voters to support Dems who support stem cell research. Limbaugh later apologized for the faking it accusation but continued to attack Fox for "politiczing his disease." This is almost as good as Anne Coulture begrudging the 911 widows their fun filled public grieving.

Rush, a little friendly advice here; Don't pick fights with the sick dude in public. Do you really need me to tell you this? When you pick on the sick or disabled you do it in private. Catch Fox in the restroom at one of the country clubs that you no doubt both belong to. Bribe the attendant to look the other way.

The month draws to a close and the GOP's October surprise seems to be that they're handing the election over. I have a $10 bet with my boss that the donkey party will take both houses. I wasn't willing to bet $20, so there's still some room for doubt. As with past bets the boss and I have made over elections, any money he wins from me will contributed to the Republican party.

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