Saturday, January 7, 2006

Sold Out Opening Night

What an insane night. The show sold out, which is great, but the reservations system, if there was a system, didn' t really work too well and we turned away a-lot of people many of whom had made reservations. I'm afraid we ticked some folks off, and I feel bad about that. The people who did get in seemed to really have a good time. They were a nice loud crowd.

We have a very strange piece called Rolita and it's definitely dark comedy, black comedy even. The audience laughed nervously through most of it and like most such pieces that we do it was either a favorite or just totally confounding. Nobody seems to land in the middle on such pieces but we love doing them for those folks that are looking for comedy in sorrow and tragedy. Our skit She was similar and there were always folks who would rave about it after each show and then other people who would say "Hey, loved the show, but what the hell was with that She skit?"

Daisy Spot opened for us which was an honor. They are terrific and enchanting and wonderful in every way.

In other news, is a pretty cool local Sac blog that linked my punched in the face by a rock star story. I didn't expect to have the actual scene that the story is about discover it sort of all at once like that which was cool and scary. I wish I could just visualize them all as individuals and stop seeing the mass as one entity, and I wish I could truly let go of caring weather or not I'm liked within this scene. A lot of really great art comes out of this crowd though and I think that makes me want their love. Ha ha.
I am digging heckasac (even though I criticized them for gossiping.) There's a town hall type feel to it when controversy comes up and while some folks post in a more productive fashion than others I think overall it's a cool and amazing thing. In fact, if anyone involved with the blog reads this get in touch, I would love to talk to you about a story in the News and Review if you'd be interested.


Cary said...

I guess I'm one of the few who falls in the middle on a skit like Rolita. I thought the lines were funny, but the topic did make me squirm some, especially the way the girl just accepts it as inevitable. But all in all, a very enjoyable, fun show! My personal faves were The Vagina Monologues: The Movie and General 'Gina.

RunnerGirl said...

I added positive comments about your show on SacRag. Please do come visit again. I respect what you all do, really.

Keith Lowell Jensen said...

runnergirl is pretty goofy. She gives us a slammingly bad review, says Mike Farrell of Daisy Spot need's to get his money back from his guitar teacher (that one really cracked me up) and then goes and says a few nice things about us in the comments section? Weird.
Oh well.
Three stars in The Bee! Woo hoo!

beckler said...

Hey Keith, Heckasac is just me, Becky. You know me from around even if you can't place the name. I know Brynna cuz I'm good friends with Charles.

beckler said...

I thought about it but no thanks. Most people at my work don't know about it and I'd like to keep it that way.

Keith Lowell Jensen said...

That's cool. I wasn't sure if I was gonna sell the N&R on it anyway. I have grown to really appreciate your blog though and I'm glad I had a chance to say so. Good work. See ya around.