Sunday, January 15, 2006

Saturday Audiences Rule Too?

Wow, what a great weekend. We tightened up the show a-lot, chopped a bit from some of the skits, worked on a few costume changes resulting in quicker transitions, and introducing the show MC style helps those folks who've never seen us or who've never seen live skit comedy at all.
What great crowds. The 9 o'clock audience last night was clapping along with the band durring the opening song and I knew they'd be awesome and high energy. Again we had people asking us for autographs. I want to be nice, and I'm totally appreciative of the enthusiasm so I sign the autographs, but damn do I feel like a dork doing it.

Now for a quick gripe. I DON'T CARE IF YOU DID PAY FOR YOU DAMN TICKETS ONLINE! Don't show up at 7:15 for a 7pm show and expect to get in. And when we're nice enough to let you sneak in don't whine that you have friends still coming. To hell with your friends, the damn show's already started. Okay, done with that.

Overall this run is turning out to be one of the most satistfying things we've ever done. Yay.

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