Sunday, January 1, 2006

Happy New Year?

Bryna and I went to watch a flick at my dad's place in Elk Grove where some dumb kid's celebrated New Years Eve by shooting a bunch of car windows out with a pellet gun including ours. Taped up the car in the rain, knowing nobody would be open to fix it the next day, went back to movie. The Cinderella Man, good flick if you like boxing movies which I do. Then, we race back downtown getting to our pal's The Berry's just minutes before midnight, we have our midnight kiss as we do every year. I can't eat anything because of my stomach, nothing but cooked vegetables for days now.

We head home, and quit reading if you're squeamish I went to use the toilet, which was full of blood when I looked down. I always look down, it's part of having this condition, you've got to pay attention to that stuff. I called the hospital and after explaining that I didn't want to sit in the emergency room for eight hours when I would be better off in my bed she agreed that if the bleeding didn't continue or increase I could come in the next day. It didn't. It seems to have mellowed. I have an appointment tomorrow and will likely be put back on the steroids. I'm actually learning to deal with this. Last night scared the hell out of me, but I'm not overly drepressed or freaked out. I'm just seeing where it goes and determined to pursue every angle in treating it; acupunture, herbs, seeing a dietician, working on my stress through yoga and meditation and of course following my doctors advice. My girlfriend is so good to me and takes care of me and helps me deal with the doctors and the panics, so it is a good new year that starts with her even if I'm shitting blood and if that aint the most romantic line about shitting blood ever written I don't know what is.

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