Saturday, January 14, 2006

Friday Night Audiences RULE!

Show last night, the audience was so great. Maybe because they worked all day and they're more determined to have fun? I don't know why, but Friday audiences are always our best. They're the most energetic and ready to go with the flow and just amazing. We were on last night too. The second weekend is something special. You've gotten opening weekend jitters out of the way but the show is still new and exciting. We nailed each skit, getting laughs in new spots and getting bigger laughs in other spots. I know that we sent the audience off really happy and ready to send their friends.
Of course, a lot of folks we talked to had been sent by friends who came last week. One group of six had run into some people at a bar who had just seen our premier last week and were still laughing and recounting favorite moments. It feels really great to see people enjoy something you've done.
We have a new T-shirt featuring a white line drawing of the bird art by Qwert that you see above. We sold a few of those and people seem to dig 'em. Qwert's the best.

So, great night. Not so great was that I'm still sick and had to struggle not to cough, performing with a cough drop in my mouth through most of the night. Keep that throat spay handy backstage. Another night of performing sick tonight and then I've got a week to get over this damned cold. The steroids they have me on for my belly don't help as they weaken the immune system. But, I feel it running through it's stages. It's in the snot stage at the moment. Okay, happy Saturday. Got to go out postering.

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