Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Sea Monkeys: Three are alive and well but the whole second generation disappeared? Eaten by the older ones? Hmmm?

Book: Still working on the latest rewrite, and selecting the fifty pages to present to the agent who has agreed to look at it.

: had some wild ones lately.

No Petrol: Biking to work and school. Driving once a week to edit video for panhandling film.

Film: The Panhandling documentary is coming along. We've actually marked out the plot points and we're piecing the film together. I'm taking a class in video editing so that I can do more projects.

ICBINC: We have a show booked with Brent Weinbach's comedy troupe, Boom Time. Details soon.


anjacara said...

Since you have let the world know of your sea monkey love, I will let you in on the hobby I can now stare at for hours.
Tadpoles. If you would like to see a few pics of them I posted about them on my blog
I know from reading your jobs that you keep fish and was wondering if you have any advace for frogs?
No advace is wanted if you consider this a consulting job and I have to pay you :)

Keith Lowell Jensen said...

Frogs eh? CLEAN environment, clean hands when you need to touch them or their habitat, remembering that amphibians absorb through their skin and are fairly sensitive, so much so that amphibian species are disappearing at an alarming rate due to polution.

I'd have to research your individual frogs to offer advice on food, humidity, temperature, etc. I love frogs. I've kept Fire Bellies, Whites Tree Frogs, and a I had a great pond frog named Doogie who just wandered into a theatre where I worked. (Did I mention him in the Jobs blog?)
I've also kept water puppies one of whom pupated and became a beautiful Eastern Tiger Salamander.
Amphibians are great.
That'll be $20.

anjacara said...

thanks man
I have been lead to believe that they are cuban tree frogs.
the little buggers have grown up so quick that I let another 3 go today.
I guess whatever I am doing is working. I hope they make it in the great outdoors.
I have enjoyed it so much I am thinking about setting up real tank. If I do I know who to ask advace from.
---Fire Bellies just sound so cool.

Keith Lowell Jensen said...

You're making sure their indiginous before letting 'em go yeah? I sure hope so.

anjacara said...

Yeah they are. I got the tadpoles from my ditch in the first place. I live in Florida so there all all kinds of creeping crawly things that you can check out

Keith Lowell Jensen said...

Yay. Pets from your own backyard are best. I will check out the pics, right NOW, well, okay not right now, but after I hit publish.... Right....NOW

!DAMN! Typed the word verification in wrong, okay, right NOW