Thursday, September 7, 2006

Francois Fly Photo Shop Contest

Posted by Francois Fly to MySpace.

There are plenty of photos of Francois Fly on myspace
Francois Fly Fan Club

But you don't even have to use any of these.

Create a Francois Fly themed image using photoshop or using crayons, or using whatever you want, and win fabulous prizes.

  • 3rd Prize
    A Francois Fly DVD
    Fame and Fortune
  • All entries will be featured at (my buddy KLJ's site) along with a link to the myspace page or website or blog or whatever of the artist who created the image, unless I decide that you're an ass and I don't want to display your image, which I reserve the right to do.

Send your images to
Deadline September 28th

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