Thursday, September 7, 2006

Photo Shop Contest off to a great start

Here's the entries from day one. Contest rules HERE.
Do these pics justice and click on 'em to see the full size versions.
Commentary by The Fly himself.

Tom Knockoff
Rockin' Tom Knockoff writes "I need $20.00, dammit!!" Best of luck Tom. I love that this toy comes with poo. And if you don't win, I still have a way for you to earn $20 sweetie. Come by my trailor, we'll talk.

Mark Lahey

Mark's got quality and volume. A nice a approach. This one would be a great t-shirt.

Maybe I can pay the $20 first prize in Francois Bucks.

Very nice, but I'd rather have been posin' with Samuel Jackson than Travolta, but I guess I AM Samuel Jackson, and that's plenty cool.

A photoshop classic. Just for the record, I was instructed to shoot Kenedy by our alien overlords.

Nixon gets a bad rap. Sure, he was paranoid, dishonest, violent, but hey, he taught Carl Rove everything he knows, and he loved Elvis, even when Elvis was fat and whacked out on pills.

Now that's nice. That's just nice. But why'm I always the black guy Mark? You think I don't hear, "Is that black face?" often enough. I'm A FLY!!! Our faces are black!


Anonymous said...


Definitely the Rat Pack

Keith Lowell Jensen said...

Yeah, that's pretty darn great.