Monday, September 11, 2006

More Photoshop Contest Entries

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Nick decided it was worth risking an eterinity in hell to try for the $20 grand prize. Maybe we can be roommates.

Charlie Moreno of writes, "I've attached a Flypaper. The first Official Francois Fly Desktop Wallpaper for people's computers! Not great photoshop contest material, but damn good marketing idea! I should win. It can be used for download from just about any type of website, myspace bulletin, and emails."

Our good friend Jason Adair (I don't hesitate to admit that we're friends since there's no way he's winning. Just kidding Jason, but no, really.) sends us this one, which he titles "Fly on Shit."

and Finally, TOR uses the "Do Lots of Drugs before opening up photoshop, YEARS before opening photoshop, in fact, start a few decades before photoshop's dreamt of" approach with his three fine submissions.

Read the rules here.
See the first days entries here.


deeann said...

Wow. Just- wow.

Keith Lowell Jensen said...

It's not fair to change the post after someone's commented, so let me make it known that deeann said wow when the only pic on this post was Nick Roberts Last swatter pic.
And yea, wow indeed!

Anonymous said...

Lots but not ENOUGH!

Stay on Groovin' Safari,