Monday, September 18, 2006

Factotum Comes Through

Factotum, based on the writing of Charles Bukowski, is GREAT! I went in with low expectations. "Dillon's too pretty to play Hank Chinaski" I thought. Within the first ten minutes of the film Matt Dillon had my respect and for the rest of the movie I got lost in Bukowski land. The pacing, the awkward silences, the hillarious though subtle humor all makes for a fantastic movie, for Bukowski fans and, I would guess, for those unfamilliar with his work.


Cary said...

Matt Dillon has surprised me too at times. I thought he was good in Crash.

Keith Lowell Jensen said...

Yeah. I actually really like him, I just didn't think he was right for this character. I was happy to be proven wrong.
He was also GREAT in Drugstore Cowboy.

Lefty said...

Dillon's got quite a range. His sleazy P.I. in Something about Mary showed his comedic side. I laughed my ass off when he said "I work with retards" and went off on his "Mongo got out of his cage..." story. His Cliff in Singles is also very memorable.