Saturday, November 5, 2005

Fun Drive

I love when NPR or PBS does a pledge drive and they call it a "Fun Drive." My favorite part is the guilting. In between the fun they let you know that if you're listening and not pledging you may as well be stealing! That's cool, I steal cable too so it all works out.
The truth is I love NPR and PBS, and someday, when I'm not so poor, I will give them some bucks. Hopefully they're still around. To hear them tell it they could go broke any minute.

I'm doing my own Fun Drive here. I don't want your money, well yes I do, but I'm not asking for it here (go to for that.) What I'm asking for here are your comments on my posts. Links to from your website or blog. And please remember, while webmasters aren't supposed to solicit clicks, clicking on the ads helps a website out more than just about anything else. So, consider this, if you're looking at my articles and stories and not giving me clicks, you may as well be molesting my pets. You sicko.

Here's some new banners for linking to my pages. I'll have banners for and the panhandling site up soon.


writegrrrl said...

NPR usually gives a free T-shirt or something for your contribution...what do we get for participating in *your* so-called fun drive?

KLJ said...

Why don't we discuss that in private (wink, wink)