Friday, November 18, 2005

Buy My CD Please

People say to me, they say, "Keith, I sure do love your writing, like I love my own life, like I love havin' a pee after drinkin' a six pack of crappy, mostly water, American beer, but Keith, I don't know quite how to show my appreciation."

Well folks, relax. Just a quick note, expressing your love for all I do is thanks enough. But should you want to do more, (and hell why shouldn't you want to?) there are two things you can do. You can go to my panhandling site, give me your cash, and get nothing in return but the knowledge that you made me do the happy dance, or you can go here and buy a comedy cd.

I wrote quite a bit of it and I found some mucho talented ladies and men to play the parts with me as we toured the country finding out wich bits were the funniest. Don't take my word for it, go to the site, see the video, listen to the clips.

So if you think abortion rights is a funny subject right up there with suicide and pornography gone wrong be sure to pick up a copy, and hey, it makes a great gift too.

Be sure to request your local college station spin our CD (they have it, trust me) and watch for our ads in Bust Magazine and Punk Planet and on the television in the greater Sacramento area.


Phelpsy said...

Is it available to canada?

I was just about to buy it when I figured I should ask

KLJ said...

Hell yes! would I make a comedy CD and not insure that America II could enjoy it?