Sunday, November 27, 2005

Big Star; In Space

Big Star is one of my favorite bands. They've been broken up for a million years so I didn't expect to be reviewing a new album from them. Surprise surprise! Click here to read my review of Alex Chilton and company's latest as published in the News and Review.
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Cary said...

Hi buddy! Maybe it's just my computer, but for some reason when I bring this site up the background is all those photos, nothing solid at all, which makes the text pretty near impossible to read. Help!

Keith Lowell Jensen said...

I haven't heard this complaint on any other computers. If you highlight the text that should make it readable.
Just put your mouse to where the text start, hold down the left button and then mouse over all the text you want to read. I'll make an effort to look at the site on some other computers and see it I can fix the issue. Thanks,

Cary said...

You musta fixed it. Thanks. I enjoy this one, the jobs one and the panhandling sites. Funny stuff!