Tuesday, September 20, 2011

When I'm Rich!

I love comics. Always thought I'd grow up to be involved in comics. I created comics in Junior High. I read mostly graphic novels these days, so much so that when my wife got my daughter Art Spiegelman's kids comic "Jack and The Box" my little girl was mostly excited that she was reading a real "comic book like daddy!" and always refers to it as "The comic book for babies."

I could draw pretty well as a kid but I didn't keep my chops up and whenever I'm tempted to get back into it I think "Great, just what you need, one more thing keeping your insanely busy life insanely busy." SO.... I hit up some friends who hit up some friends and then comic book super star Jeffrey Brown introduced me to Bill Cleveland, a friend of his whose art he admired and thought would be compatible with my sense of humor and voila.... COMIC!!!!
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Art by Bill Cleveland, written by Keith Lowell Jensen
Look for more in coming weeks!

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