Wednesday, September 14, 2011

On Amazon and iTunes Now!


My album, two years in the making, is finally and at least unleashed on the public. I don't have a big label or lots of advertising dollars behind it so I'm getting the word out by blogging, youtubing, facebooking, tweeting and bugging my friends. If you buy one comedy album by a Sacramento based atheist comedian this year, I hope it's this one.
And I hope that you will help spread the word. Please, tell a friend, tweet, share on FB and Google+ and if we make this the little indy album that could I promise to personally arrange a cocaine and Twinkies(c) party for you with the celebrity of your choice.

It is available today at iTunes:

And if you like a physical copy of it, it's also up at

In two weeks the DVD comes out. It can be purchased now at

Here is a video trailer:

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