Saturday, September 10, 2011

Riot In The Streets

There are times when I feel compelled to riot in the streets. When they just push a little too far and it seems appropriate to riot in the streets. I imagine that many others around me feel the same but none of us know how to start rioting in the streets.

I'm gripped by fear. You see, one time, my dad took me to see The Rolling Stones. Keith Richards did a pretty bad ass solo and so I jumped up to give him his standing o. I figured we'd all be jumping, you know, for Keith. Over 60,000 people stayed seated and I was standing all by myself. I was stuck standing too because now I had to play it off like I didn't care, like they were the ones, all 60,000 plus of them, who should be embarassed, not me. I was giving Keith his due. It was a pretty damn fine solo.

I don't want to get caught out rioting in a crowd full of lame assholes who just sit on their asses. I'd get arrested for throwing a can through a window like Mookie in Do The Right Thing, only I'd be all by myself and the cops would just arrest me for vandalism. They wouldn't put Rioting In The Streets on my arrest record nor on my little plastic jail bracelet. I'd have to explain to the judge, "No your honor, I was rioting. Yeah, just by myself, sort of a solo riot. No, I thought there'd be others but no, not so much. Just me. Yes, your honor, I have learned my lesson. Next time I will have a planning committee and I'll check out the permitting process. Your honor, I think I know where I really blew it. I put some Nilsson on the boom box and nobody is going to riot to Nilsson. I really should've put on The Clash or maybe some Public Enemy. Yes your honor, Rage would be a good choice. Thanks for the tip."
So, anyone feel like rioting in the street?

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Anonymous said...

hell yes, i dont know why but i just hate the same, old, ordinary silence caught throughout the nation, day after day. I love the feeling of revolting against authority, showing them they're not the only ones in charge. ya know?