Thursday, September 29, 2011

My full length DVD on Youtube? For FREE?

The distributors of my new album and DVD Cats Made of Rabbits have the radical idea that we should give the product away for free! It's not that uncommon these days actually though it kind of freaks me out. But, I work with them because I believe that they know what they're doing. It'd be silly of me to stand in their way as they do what they came on board to do. So, here you go dear comedy fans... Cats Made of Rabbits, all 75 minutes of it. Enjoy:


eMerly said...

Maybe I would hold off putting it online for a while longer.... I mean you are still selling out on right? Maybe wait a week? But I do totally agree with putting it online yourself before someone else does. If I can't find something online (for free) and watch it (right this second), I usually forget about it. People who write blogs sell books by putting up free content first. I had no idea who Louis CK was before I found his show online (for free), and now I am a loyal fan that tells people to check him out and now I am interested in all his past and future work. I think that word of mouth these days is worth a lot and can reach a large audience quickly, which might be why putting stuff up for free is worth it in the end.

KLJ said...

Yeah. I am waiting, sort of. I put it here on my blog but only a few people read my blog posts unless I post them on Facebook or twitter which I haven't done with this one.

eMerly said...

Lets just be honest..... only I read your blog.

I would delete this for now. If I bought your god damn dvd and waited for it to come in the snail mail like a loyal lapdog and then the rabble got it for free for no god damn reason two days later I would be a little bitter.