Saturday, September 10, 2011

Max and Max email exchange

My 22 month old daughter Maxine got an email from Max, a cat that lives on my friend Brett's porch in Portland. I don't know who did the typing for cat Max, but I took dictation for my Max, and I typed her response exactly as it came from her mouth. Here is their exchange:

Hi Max

My name is Max to. I heard about you from one of your of your Dad's friend and when I found out we had the same name I wanted to write you to see if we could be friends. I live in Portland Oregon. Where do you live? I like to chase bugs, eat flowers and poop in the bushes. Do you like to chase bugs, eat flowers and poop in the bushes?

Hope to hear from you soon

Your friend
the other Max

Hi kitty cat, would I like to pet the kitty cat? Yes! Max pet the kitty cat.
I live in San Francisco in a house.
Kitty cat Max likes to poop in the bushes. Flowers, poop in the garden and poop in the bushes, poop in the bushes and I poop in the bushes, chase bugs.
Goodbye Kitty Cat!
Your friend,

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eMerly said...

Dear Max,

My name is Maza and I live in Paris. I like to poop in a box and I eat rabbit flavored Friskies. I came to Paris in a box on a plane and it was very scary. I am a little fatter than the french cats and that makes me self-conscious.

I'm black, just like your other cat friend Max. When Emily first got here, she used to tell people she had a chatte noire, which is just like saying she has a black pussy. Not a very nice thing to say, but her boyfriend didn't bother to tell her.