Friday, April 13, 2007

Roxy Music and The White Stripes

Two bands that didn't really grab me the first time around but now, DAMN! I can't get enough.
I've always loved More Than This and Avalon, two songs from the later incarnation of Roxy Music. I dig Brian Eno so you'd think his work with the original Roxy Music would thrill me but until this week it really didn't, and I even like Eno's ambient stuff!

Don't know what the block was, but now, holy shit, this is great stuff. I've been playing "The Early Years" compilation over an over.

Here's a clip. Damn, I had no idea Ferry was so freakin' cool. He and Eno, with the feathers and crazy make up were such a great contrast:

I'm also totally loving White Blood Cells by The White Stripes. At first I dismissed them as a fairly solid rock and roll band with a minimalist gimick. Boy was I wrong. Jack White is the most amazing writer and player. What an extraordinary album. Here's some video clips including a live version of Hotel Yorba:

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