Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mom Goes Nutball on Atheist Kid

No, I'm not putting this up to say that all theists behave this way. But SOME do, and if any of you wonder why many atheists may seem to have a bit of a chip on their shoulder imagine that they may have gone through some crap like this.Of course, it's also pretty damn funny.

This one's triggering some huge dose of commenting and flame war on my myspace blog.
Check it out by clicking here.


TheLabRat said...

Holy crap that woman is nucking futs. And stupid besides. Just because he was confirmed he has to believe in god? Minds they do a achange lady. Ironically I'll bet she's one of those idiots who always tells people in their teens and 20s "you'll change you mind when you get older." Yeah mom, I just did.

My midwestern fundy relatives didn't even freak that bad when I told them I didn't believe in god.

I'll be joining the debacle on your myspace blog as soon as time permits (I may have to copy and paste the above comments though, I'mprofoundly lazy). I'm always a bit astounded by some of the asshats that you get posting there. Good times.

Anonymous said...

Whooh! My son and I just watched the clip and we were appalled, but also related to the clip. I do not believe in god, however I have never screamed at my children for believing in something different than me.My son has shown no interest in any type of god except if there was a god of books he might convert.
Ironically, my son (11) just performed a stand-up comedy routine that he wrote at his elementary school.Sorry Keith You had kindly said you were interested in attending but the show sold out in advance!!
Anyway my son had written an atheist joke(inspired by you..Keith) and was told by the fucked-up parent panel that he could not perform that part of it because it was offensive. I did not learn of this till after the show. However the panel did allow a fellow student to sing a jesus crist song . Keep in mind this is a public school not a christian school and their banning of an atheist joke is not appropriate. If the school is going to have some restrictions for the performances then it should be applicable to types of religion. Just because most people believe in god a lot of don't and that jesus christ song made me feel creepy. however, I did not boo at the kid or scream at him it is not his fault that he has been raised in a christian home.

Anonymous said...

Christmas isn't even about Christ technically speaking. As far as I know they just renamed the pagan feast of Yule so that it could lessen the shock of mass conversion of the population to Christianity.

Also, there might also be many people , like this kid, who think they are atheist but they are actually not. I thought I did not believe in God for the longest time until I realized that I do kinda believe in a higher being, just not in the church, because let's face it, most denominations teach either outdated principles or some sort of blind fanaticism. So basically you have to believe in God to be pissed at him.

That said, I think this sort of undecided people bring about a bad name to actual atheists.

Anonymous said...

Don't kids get confirmed when they're in elementary school? If this kid was confirmed at age 10 or thereabouts, how is it reasonable to assume his belief structure is firmly set? If your parents have been taking you to Sunday school and church since before you can remember and that's all you've been exposed to, how would you have any basis to challenge that conception or make an informed choice?

It seems preposterous to me that the quality of your experience in the afterlife (should there be one) would be defined by some narrow framework of belief or actions. Even if you buy into the idea that a lack of faith in Jesus will banish your kid to purgatory, hell, Walmart or wherever, do you really think removing Christmas presents is going to be the keystone to your argument? What's wrong with people?