Thursday, April 19, 2007

My Atheist Stand-Up Videos

These are getting some great feedback on youtube. Hope nobody minds if I repost 'em here. I'll try to get some new comedy videos up soon. Thanks.

You can tell I'm nervous here as I curse more than I should, a sure give away. I was nervous because I hadn't done stand up in a while having been distracted by performing sketch ( and I was getting my sea legs back. But it's still a good clip. Enjoy.

So here's more from the same weekend of shows at The Geery. I was performing with Tapan Trivedi and Brent Weinbach.


ares said...

love these 2 videos dude, they're funny as hell (pun intended)

you don't seem noticeably nervous at all in the first one, though

KLJ said...

Thanks Ares.
I've been doing this for a while so my nervousness usually only shows in that I'll curse more than normal.
I'm glad you liked the routine though. I have plenty more on the theme.