Thursday, July 13, 2006

Reading The News

India - Pakistan
Isreal- Palistine/Lebanon (Iran? Syria?)
US- Iraq
US- Afganistan

Hearbreaking, frightening, infuriating.

What's wild about these conficts is that smaller groups bring these countries into war. Al Queda, Hezbola, Hamas-maybe a faction even of Hamas that may or may not answer to the elected officials.
And then there's the opposite angle. The governments are held accountable for what these groups within their borders do, but we individuals are held responsible for what our governments do, and we do have responsibilities of course, but I am sad that calling myself an American associates me with the frat boy in charge.

I hope we get a president in the US who is more equipped to deal with these volatile situations as things continue to heat up in the middle east.

Will technology moving away from oil make things better there by giving the outside forces less reasons to stick around or will it get worse as the resources start to dry up and there are less and less scraps to fight for?


anjacara said...

Right now we have some German exchange students at our house, and one of the main things we want them to take back is that how so many of us feel the same way about that idiot.

Keith Lowell Jensen said...

It's fascinating to me how the French, Russians Germans all stood against the invasion of Iraq, but we only got pissed at The French. Pretty strange.
Well, I gotta go. I have some Freedom Chocolate Cake waiting. Ha Ha, get it? Oh My GAWD I'm Funny!