Thursday, July 20, 2006

My New Debt

I've always wanted a good video camera, since I was a kid. I can't afford the Canon GL2, but I bought it anyway. The home movie revolution will not leave me behind. YouTube here I come.
I should have my camera in a couple of days. I'm now looking into a class at the city college. I did a lot of editing and lighting in my high school media class and as a public access television producer but that was many years ago, so long ago in fact that I've still never done non-linear editing.


Lefty said...

What will you edit on?

KLJ said...

For now I'll edit on my PC.
Eventually I'd like to buy a mac or even just a dedicated PC for editing, but let's finish paying for this toy first.
As for software, Um, depends what I can score cheap or free.
Any advice?

Lefty said...

I'd go for a Mac when you can afford it. I may be able to score you some sweet editing software for a very reasonable price (like free). I'm not offering illegal software, I work for a Mac reseller and I happen upon not for resale demo stuff often. Final Cut Pro or Express. Mac only, though.