Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Done with Kisses

For now.
I reached an ending point with All My Kisses.
When I did the rewrite of All My Jobs the last quarter of the book got the most rewriting. I think I near the end of my rough draft and I start rushing. So, I imagine I'll work and rework the end, which I'm not real satisfied with, but I've already prepped the whole project for a big old offline rewrite starting from chapter one. Woo hoo.

More illustrations should be up this weekend.

In the meanwhile I'm going to be posting LOTS more fiction. I have some stories, many variations on skit comedy pieces of written, that I'll be working on. I hope you like 'em. And of course I hope people keep sending me ten bucks here and there because I do so enjoy drinking the good coffee. Hell, just send gift certificate's for Petes.

I should be sleeping. I think I'm amped because I'm hosting the Sacramento Area Music Awards (Sammies) tomorrow. I kinda can't wait to have it over and done so I can relax again. Then I have another big comedy gig in August. After that I'm gonna try to avoid performing unless another really great opportunity comes along.

I hope by this time next year to have my book published, even self published and I want to do a small tour with it. That would rule. For real. Okay, good night.

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