Tuesday, February 14, 2006

More Accupuncture

My stomach has been acting up as I am tapering off of the steroids. I am attempting to treat things with accupuncture and herbs as the western medicine has been unimpressive and now they want to go with increasingly harsh medications.

I almost fell asleep in the waiting room at village accupuncture. I got there early and the relaxing music and oh so comfortable couch were knocking me out. Once I got in to the room, talked to Accupuncturist about my symtpms and had some neeedles put in me I was ready to fade. And fade I did. After the needles are in place the lights are dimmed and I'm left to lay on my stomach for a while. So, I got a nap, drooled on the paper towel that covered the face cradle thing and after a while I was flipped over, more needles were put in, including one between my eyes.

I got a bit of a headache durring the procedure and a slight burning sensation when one of the needles was put in, and when it was taken out. I was told this was a sign of a blockage and that it was good it was being dealt with.
Finished with the procedure I went into the lobby and got a sack of horrid tasting herbs that I am to mix with water and drink three times daily. As if that wasn't bad enough, I'm adding nuts to the list of things I can't eat. I'll be a breatharian in no time.

I have to go back next week to follow up, hopefully getting the stomach issues under control or at least moving in that direction.

I feel good today. Lots of energy and clarity, though it was a restless night. My stomach's not better yet, but it seems to be holding steady at least, not worsenning.

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