Saturday, December 31, 2005

Stick Needles in Me

"Do you think everytime someone gets accupuncture a doll somewhere howls in pain?" Tapan Trivedi

My Ulcerative Colitis is acting up and the drugs they have me on are not doing a damn thing. The next step in drug therapy is a really harsh drug that will likely start wreaking havoc on my other organs and will require bone marrow testing regularly. Yep, they'll drill into my bones to remove marrow. That or I can do another run of the steroids. I LOVED being on the steroids, seriously. I had energy, and I felt better than I'd felt in years; no headches, no belly aches, nothing. I just don't like doing something so harsh more than once especially with potential side effects like a lump of fat devoloping on my forehead or a humbback.

So, what's a suffering belly aching gimp to do? Well, I don't want to do anything too drastic until after opening night of our new show, when my symptoms may start to fade on their own as my stress fades. But I don't want to have to give up doing things that stress me out, I want a long term solution to this problem.

I'm going to try accupuncture. It's something I've always been interested in and I've read that there is a high success rate at using accupuncture to deal with auto-immune conditions such as mine. (No, I don't have aids, that's AQUIRED Immune Deficiancy, my immune system is over-active not under. And it's a heredetary condition.)

My friend Linda works for an accupuncturist here in town who is also and herbalogist so I'm going to go give it a try as soon as they can get me in. I'm real excited about it and I look foward to describing the whole process here.


Cary said...

I tried acupuncture for a nerve problem in my shoulder. The results were only slightly successful. However, I've had friends who have had more luck with it for things like allergies and headaches. I say it's worth a try since your results might be good and at the worst you just get a couple needles poked in you (a pretty painless procedure I might add.)

Keith Lowell Jensen said...

Yeah, it's the allergies being helped that give me the most hope. Allergies are auto-immune, same as my condition, so if acupuncture can help there, then maybe?

I'm definately trying it though. I'm just waiting to hear back from the acupuncturist with an appointment.

Anonymous said...

I got accupuncture treatment for what I believe is IBS. Oddly enough, I saw the accupuncturist first and my primary care physician I saw a week later told me nothing different (cut out dairy and soy, eat more foods with warming properties). I loved the actual treatment and felt "movement" when the needles were in for a few minutes.

I manage a natural foods store in alameda so thankfully, I have ton of options (taking stress advantage and peppermint oil capsules hav helped).

I'm interested to hear how you respond to accupuncture.