Friday, December 23, 2005

Much More Blogging Soon

This is sort of a coming attractions post as I've not been blogging much this past couple of weeks. The holidays keeping me busy, Mike's death keeping me sad but also introspective, the ICBINC show keeping me busy as hell and nervous to boot. The truth is I can't wait until it's all over. My stomach problems are flaring up and I hope they fade when the stress season fades. The last time I told my doctor about a flare up he tried to put me on this crazy medicine that would require having my freakin' blood marrow checked every couple of weeks. I asked him if we could put it off and see if things improved on their own and luckily the old quack agreed and things got better. I give up all coffee, sugar, wheat and junk food when the old tummy complains and the coffee headaches have been monstrous.
But wait, I said this was to be a coming attractions post. Okay. More job stories. If you're reading this and you want to share a crazy job story please send it in. Then a new blog, either fight stories or drug stories. Please, if you have a preference express it. And very soon I'll start a weird quirky blog called lists where I will just plubish lists. A list of all my favorite comedians. A list of all my brothers. A list of what I've eaten. I'm interested in looking at expressing identity through a collection of information with no writing just lists of the things that make up an individuals life. I have a querky little blog going now that I don't link to. You'll find it if you're inclined to look.
I'm writing this from a cafe. That's something I was excited about doing when I got a laptop, but I rarely do it. It's kind of cool. I'm sitting at Infusion, downtown Sac, having some chamomile and typing away. Nice.
So let me know, Fighting or Drugging and please send me your stories.


AmandaSparks said...

There are too many drug stories. I tell them myself and I'm bored with my own. Everyone else's are the same. So fight stories! Fight! Fight! Fight!

Keith Lowell Jensen said...

Hmm, I've gotten a few e-mails on this one too. People do seem to want the fight stories. Oh what a blood hungry nation are we.