Thursday, December 8, 2005

Hecka Not Cool

A certain local blog has some postings about who is and isn't a swinger, focusing on our local celebrities. What the hell? Do they aspire to be the Entertainment Tonight of the Sacto indy scene? Do they want to grow up to be the National Enquirer?

I don't care who is a swinger and who isn't. I hope to accomplish more with my blog than spreading gossip about who is putting what where. Okay, venting done. Thanks.


beckler said...

Hey dude-I was checking who has been checking my blog, and I came upon this post. You're waayyyyy behind the times on this. This was all resolved a while ago and even Kev seemed amused by it so chill. And as for who cares about who does and doesn't swing, I'll freely admit that I find that kind of stuff interesting and most people do too, they just may try to pretend they don't. If you're not interested, feel free to skip that entry and read on to another one, or don't read at all. It's not like my blog's about local celebrity swingers or something. It's mostly about shows, restaurants, and just general fun Sac stuff. You've always struck me as a Sac booster (there's a mental image for you) so I would think you would be happy to read a blog that's all about the love of Sac.

KLJ said...

I will feel free to read other stuff, and I do enjoy your blog. Does that mean I shouldn't be critical when I see something worth criticizing.
I hope not. And I'm glad to take your critique here. As far as my need to chill, I would like to say that I'm not incredibly agro about it. The problem with hastily written communication is that it can have one coming off as more bent than one intends, ya know.
Anyway, I am a sac Booster, ha ha, I love this town, and I saw that post as not too Sac-positive. Plus, I'm real big on privacy issues cuz nobody knows that I "do it" pre-marital like and I want to keep it hush.

Adellamorio said...

Cheese is a total swinger.

KLJ said...

You read it here first.

Non stop Cheese swinging action all night long, only at