Thursday, July 7, 2011

But... it's the Violent Femmes

That thing in the picture. That's a cassette tape.

Now, in the year 2011, I have a cassette player in my car.

I have a cassette player and AM/FM, no more.

I was thinking about that and remembering a time when I was a kid and I took great delight in ridiculing this thirty-something guy with a perm and lots of tight, faded concert shirts as he rocked out to his eight track player.

"Oh No!" I wondered "Have I become that guy, that cheesy walking anachronism?"

I try to defend myself to myself by saying, "But it's the Violent Femmes. That's pretty hip." and suddenly I can hear his voice crystal clear saying, "But dude, it's Graham Parsons."

The thing that seals the deal, the thing that assure me that I have indeed become he is that now, in hindsight, I realize he was right. Graham Parsons on 8-Track is actually pretty bitchin. Stupid smart mouth kids.

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