Tuesday, July 26, 2011

AFA Action Alert Alert

After this helpful AFA Action Alert told me how cool Home Depot is I decided I'd take their advice and write Chairman Frank Blake a letter. I used their letter as a template but did not use their online form, as I don't trust them so I emailed it from my own account. I'm also calling Home Depot, again at their advice: Home Depot's corporate phone number is 770-433-8211.

Email: consumeraffairs@homedepot.com
Subject: Thank You for Supporting Equal Rights, Diversity, and Tolerance

Dear Chairman Blake:

Your company's financial support of gay pride parades is exciting and encouraging to me.

However, Home Depot's decision to also include children's activities at these events is the best.

Gay pride events are known for their frequent displays of diversity and acceptance. By offering craft workshops specifically designed for children, Home Depot is encouraging their attendance.

Thus, they will likely be exposed to healthy environments. Good job!

I'm imploring you to continue putting the safety and well-being of our country first. Please continue supporting and participating in these kinds of events.

Keith Lowell Jensen
Sacramento, CA
Zipcode: 95818

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Anonymous said...

It's great you were helped, but I can get a response from anyone and the email was blocked when I sent it. Customer Service seems to be a DRAG!!!