Saturday, October 17, 2009

Stand Up Comedy, Coffee, Idiots, I'm Just Saying...


alleigh38d said...
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KLJ said...

Look through my comments and see that many people disagree and debate with me and do not get banned. It is the name calling, insult trading shit that I don't have time for. My own brother is a Christian minister and we treat each other with respect. See if you don't believe me.

You see that I just had a kid and still you want to lambast me with negativity and hostility. Luckily I am aware of being very well loved and cared for but think, if you're comments were able to inflict the hurt that they're intended to inflict, why would this be a good thing? You like to hurt people? How gracious and Christ like of you.

I will delete you here as well because I strive for more quality in my online discourse then you're able to offer.

alleigh38d said...

dude. i called you a joke. big whop. you are the one who called me a douche bag, and if it is the name started it. (and yes, that was an immature statement on my part.) it was the suggestion of my lack of intelligence that was uncalled for. you have no idea of my background of education, philosophy, or worldviews. it is your jumping to conclusions that has me in shock for someone of such intelligence to assume. i know that being an atheist is something that definitely takes figuring out and having to prove all the time to an assortment of people.. but at the same time, you have written off some of the greatest research in history.

KLJ said...

I called your behavior and your comment unintelligent. I stand behind this.

Let me say again that I talk with intelligent Christians all the time and I do no write off their ideas. You did not come on expressing or referencing any such ideas you came on with cheap barbs, the sort of thing I have not time for and if I wasn't here, bored, editing a manuscript, I wouldn't be giving this as much time as am.

Finding someone you don't think is good at comedy, skateboarding, dancing, what have you and taking the time to tell them they suck, in your un-qalified opinion, is what I consider douche bag behavior.

I think I am somewhat impressed with your stubbornness, actually following me over to my blog.

At any rate, why don't we both move on now?