Monday, October 26, 2009

The Atheist Survival Guide, still treading water...

I was all set to publish The Atheist Survival Guide with American Atheist Press but Frank Zindler runs the publishing arm of AA all on his own and his health has not cooperated. He is not able to get the book done in the time frame I wanted and can not guarantee when it would be so he let me out of my contract.
I submitted a query letter to Prometheus books and heard back almost immediately.
So, now I have a newborn baby, a CD to promote, a day job, a weekly comedy show, a big show with Coexist Comedy Tour at The Crest which is also to be a concert film, and I'm getting my book ready. I didn't figure on Prometheus replying as quickly as they did so I hadn't done the edit/minor rewrite I feel needs to be done.
Life is crazy. I would probably be depressed and bored if it wasn't so no complaints. I hope Prometheus takes the book. That would be amazing.

WHAT! A NEWBORN BABY! Yeah, I didn't say much about that did I? No, it's not because I'm self absorbed and career obsessed (though I am on both counts). It's because I have a separate blog, all about that goodness. :D

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