Monday, October 12, 2009

Coexist Comedy Tour

It feels strange to put out the first press release for Coexist? Comedy Tour at The Crest. I've been away from Coexist for a bit and it was such a large focus of my life and especially my life as a comic for so long. Coexist makes me smile, makes me feel really proud. With Coexist I feel like I make comedy say something and I make dialog happen, dialog about free speech and about freedom of religion and about being friends and having fun with our differences. I guess I'm more proud of this than just about anything else I've done as a comic.

We've done it for two years and every time I feel that ceiling coming and worry about what we can do to take it up another level there is something there to take it to that next level and that something this time is that Larry Brand is coming to film it all for his documentary on atheists but he is taping the whole thing and as he put it, killing two birds with one stone. He feels like we are something special and worth being our own film and I of course agree.

So, I am excited as all hell and I feel like this is an important and big break for me and for this tour and with my daughter coming any day now the timing it certainly nice.

Now we just need to PACK this theater and I am sure that we will.

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