Monday, February 5, 2007

Still trying

So, my friend Ken continues to be amazingly helpful and generous in helping me out as I try to get my book published. He recommended my manuscript to someone at Simon and Schuster and she agreed to look at it saying that she liked the sound of the concept.

It's unusual, as far as I know, for a bigger publisher like this to look at an unagented manuscript. I am ready to receive another rejection letter, not to say that I'm not hopeful but I realize that I really am starting with the folks that are up in the major leagues and working my way down. I will be totally satisfied, thrilled in fact if I end up playing in the minors. There are still many, many more rejection letters ahead of me before I reach the smaller, independent type publishers. I hope those analogies are accurate as I know nothing about baseball.

In the meanwhile, I'm mailing off my short stories to magazines. I mailed one off today to XYXXYVA, a really cool short story mag. I'm getting one ready to send to Zoetrope. Okay then, just thought I'd offer an update on the goings on of a aspiring writer.

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