Saturday, February 24, 2007

In LA again

I drove down here with Bryna, my mom and my nephew Li'l Erick (he's 6' 4".)

I've had quick visits with my brother Edward and his family and my brother James plus family now I'm at Brett's house with Bryna. Tonight we celebrate my birthday with some friends at Torung, my favorite Thai restaurant and tomorrow there's a party for James' birthday. We're not twins, we're just two weeks shy of being born five years apart.

I LOVE Los Feliz, where Brett's home aka Wilton Place is located. I want to do a ten minute documentary on Wilton Place. This place it amazing. Most every apartment is filled with an artist, musician or other crazy person. The landlord Mike is the lead singer for the Pygmy Love Circus. He recently found out he has cancer. on his door is now a list, "Mike Savage's I Have Cancer To Do List." He got to number 4 before Get Rid Of Cancer made the list. There is space to add your own things to the list. I may have to add "Make sweet, sweet love to Keith Lowell Jensen" to his list tonight."

I'm stoked to be here, looking forward to dinner. Bye for now.

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