Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Please Reply

Okay, a person that I'm really excited about is interested in my book. More details soon.
For now I need to pick a single chapter or maybe less to use as a sample.

A list with links to every chapter, ie every job is HERE.

Those of you that read these, which chapter do you think stands on it's own and best represents the book?

Let me know in the comments section. Thanks.

Yes, I know I've asked this before. I'm askin' again. If your answer hasn't changed, please post it again here. I do appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

My two favorite moments from the entire book are you frying your entire hand in 11 secret herbs and spices and Spike eating chocolate tofu dog turds off the lawn.
The Spike & Mike adventures are the best part of the story for me, but it's hard to pick just one chapter of them to stand on its own.
I think the radio story reads well by itself and grabs attention, so maybe that one?
Good luck KLJ!

Robert said...

Spike & Mikes & Tuesday night Gindhouse.

Robert Lowell

Anonymous said...

I really like the writing in the China Cafe story. It just grabbed me but as far as capturing the essence of the entire book I think Bus Boy John Q's, State Net (love the Satanic
dude's birthday bit), Sub Q and Welfare Recipient stand out.

I'm a Spike and Mike veteran of sorts
so I'm way too jaded to make a good judgement on them.

Oh, and I agree, the fried hand has to be one of the biggest OH MY GOD moments in the book. I think you should put a fried hand on the cover (but you should first consult a host of attorney's).

Smoochy, smoochy!


Rafael said...

the one where u got taken out by the swat guys.