Friday, March 8, 2013

The One Full Beard Tour

Keith Lowell Jensen and Johnny Taylor met doing comedy. They soon found out they shared the same birthday, were born at the same hospital in Corona, CA, and they had hair on opposite parts of their faces!!!
Though both are highly skeptical of all things supernatural it quickly became clear that the universe wanted them to perform comedy together. They are confident that by the time this tour ends the world will have experienced a cosmic shift. Burritos and Falafel will be plentiful even outside of urban centers. Fans of opposing sports teams will agree to settle their differences with fight simulating dance-offs. The President of The United States of America will stop killing kids with drones. And grocery stores will again stock real orange juice, made by squeezing oranges.
You're welcome.

Dates so far:

March 19th, Blue Lagoon Santa Cruz CA
March 21st, El Dorado Saloon, El Dorado Hills CA
April 2, Vintage Lounge, Turlock, CA
April 4, Humbrews, Arcata CA
April 5, Blue Room, Chico CA, 8 and 10pm
May 1, Luna's Cafe, Sacramento CA
May 17th, 18th, Fetterly Playhous, Vallejo, CA
May 24th, Curious Comedy Theatre Portland, OR
May 25th, Seattle, WA
May 26th, Seattle, WA
July 3, Win River Casino, Redding CA
(more to come)

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